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Audiobooks, Video Games, Narrations

Air Pressure

If you are looking to record narration, voice-over, technical readings, or audiobooks, we have you covered.  We use high quality microphones through low-noise preamps and record directly into Pro Tools without passing through a mixing console. As a result, your recording will be clean and transparent.

Here are a few projects we've worked on:

Dare To Be Kind- Audiobook, Author Lizzie Velasquez reading

Shrub-Audiobook, Author Molly Ivins reading

Who Let The Dogs In -Audiobook, Author Molly Ivins reading

Summer Farmer -Audiobook, Matthew McConaughey reading

Dichotomy of Leadership- Audiobook, Leif Babin reading

Angry Birds- Video Game

Wilson's Heart- Video Game

Dan Rather Reports- TV Narration

A Single Frame- Independent Documentary Narration

Ancient Roads From Christ To Constantine- PBS Documentary Narration

Touchdown Newport- ESPN Documentary Narration

John Carter- Film Promotional Materials Narration

NPR's On Point- Live Broadcast

NPR's Latino USA- Live Broadcast

BBC's Beyond Belief- Live Broadcast

Superbikes- Sports Commentary

Lingerie Football League- Sports Commentary

Stuck On You- DVD Commentary

Friday Night Lights Final Episode- DVD Commentary

QD Solutions- Pharmaceutical Technical Video

CSID- Cyber Security Podcast Series


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